Who Me? Write a Book?

It's a beautiful June day as I type this introduction to "Raw Inspiration: Living Dynamically with Raw Food."  My book is a work in progress just as is my life, its story and my story are not complete.

I hold down a full-time day job as a packaging sales representative.  I work 10, 12, 15 hour days in corporate America.  My parents are both in their 80's and I devote time to supporting them in their golden years.  I own my home and care for two dogs, one puppy, two cats, and one parrot.  In spite of overworked schedule, I am moving in the direction of my true purpose--building my life to fulfill my destiny.

I host montly raw potlucks in my home that have been blessed with world-renowned guests and speakers such as Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr. Douglas Grahm, Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Roe Gallo, Victoria Boutenko, Tonya Zavasta, and Paul Nison.  I have completed a pilot of a television cooking show "Living Dynamically" that focuses on the raw food lifestyle.  I pray one day a television network will pick up this show.

Several people suggested that I write a book about how raw foods changed my life.  I thought, "That's fine and well, but I am not a writer.  I'm just a regular person--who really  wants to hear my story?"  But, I continued to receive the suggestion from many different people who did  want to hear my story.

I finally surrendered to the proverbial and divine two-by-four over my head and said "OK, Lord I get it!  I'll tell my story about how my life has been transformed by raw foods."  I put pen to paper and began writing this book.

Taken from Raw Inspiration: Living Dynamically with Raw Food ©2009

The Raw Books! 8+1 New!

My 9th book, Vegan Challenge, is out 9/25/2018 and can be pre-ordered at Amazon now!  Below you will find a list of all of my books.  If you click on the image you can see more information about each one and a link to purchase!

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